Gold-Plated Bead on 4mm Leather Bolo Bracelet – Women


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This traditional West African jewellery is created by Fulani craftsmen in Mali. One of the largest groups of nomadic herders in Africa, the Fulani customarily wore their wealth in the form of gold jewellery that they could carry with them at all times. Based on a design that has been worn for centuries.

Description: Gold-plated ball on 4mm/.16″ or 5mm/.2″ Bolo leather with magnetic clasp.

Size: 19.5 – 20cm or 7.5 – 8″

Weight: 9 – 10g or 0.3 – 0.4 oz

Components: Gold-plated ball on black or brown Bolo leather with magnetic clasp.

Production & Order Timing: 4 weeks for <100 units / 8-12 weeks for >500 units. Moulds can be made and cast for large orders.