• $154.00
      The chains are made with a double brass chain and Baule brass on cord with terracotta. Description: Gold-plated large Ethiopian cross on double brass chain; BAule brass on cord with terracotta. Size: 65 – 68cm or 26-27″ Weight: 74 – 78g or 2.6 – 2.8 oz Components: Gold-plated Ethiopian cross on double brass chain; Baule[.....]
    • $74.00
      This traditional West African jewellery is created by Fulani craftsmen in Mali. One of the largest groups of nomadic herders in Africa, the Fulani customarily wore their wealth in the form of gold jewellery that they could carry with them at all times. Based on a design that has been worn for centuries. Description: Gold-plated Ethiopian[.....]
    • $93.00
      The teardrop earrings are made of hand-carved, sustainably harvested Nguni cattle horn with sterling silver stripes and hooks. The sizes of the pendant is 3.5L x 2.5W or 1.4×1". The colour of the horn will vary. The pendant comes with a leather cord and sterling silver s-hook clasp. Due to the hand-made nature of this[.....]